Unity Park

Address: 53-55 West 128th Street

Size: 56’ x 100’: 5,600 square feet

Owner: The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation     

History: Built in 1996 by The Rev. Williamson Park Association.  The name of the park was chosen in a community contest won by a Harlem resident, Patricia A. Brown-Walker. Unity Park was constructed on a previously neglected lot in response to a proposal from the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation’s GreenThumb program.     


Paved entrance mosaic featuring brick and granite stones, and brownstone and marble window sills
Shade trees
Strawberry patch, named in honor of our first secretary, Dorothy Morris
Fruit trees
Walkways constructed from scavenged 19th and early 20th century bricks
Raised planting beds of granite and wood for vegetables, herbs, flowers and shrubs
Park benches
Compost bins 


Group activities
Public events and community meetings
Passive recreation and leisure pursuits
Summer program projects