Growing Together

The lives of Harlem residents are often rooted in agricultural tradition. Our parks, three with raised planting beds, offer gardening opportunities to more than 50 families and meet an ever-increasing demand for planting space in the middle of our concrete and asphalt world.  In addition to playing a valuable part in the cultural heritage of our neighbors, gardening represents a much-loved pastime that improves mental, physical and emotional health, increases stamina, and brings the community together. 

While succulent crops (including tomatoes, collard greens, okra, cucumbers and beans) flourish in the growing season, The Park Association celebrates gardening in our parks as a way to unite people of diverse races, ages, colors, incomes, cultures and religions in strengthening the social fabric of our neighborhood. 

GreenThumb, a program of The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, supports the gardening program.